About us

The Suavis, born from 'union of the multi-year work experience, gained from the late' 70s, the two founding partners, is configured as a company mainly dedicated to the production and distribution of raw ham, among which the most important 'Prosciutto di San Daniele DOP '.

Our organization is dedicated to research and careful selection of the best national pork legs intended for processing at the best 'master' salting and their maturation in our cellar, with a duration of up to 20 months, during which they are carried out all the necessary operations to perfect ripeness. The last phase involves the preparation and packaging of hams on the bone and their possible boning or portioning in pieces according to the needs of each customer. Over the years, in response to numerous customer requests, we have added a line to the prosciutto salami brand Suavis to offer the best charcuterie.

Suavis is the Latin term describing the feeling of 'palatable', and there is no appropriate word to sum up the perception of perfume, delicacy and flavor that only our products can give